Why my-Ditto is the Best Thing to Happen to Backpackers

by Leah

Imagine if you could securely carry your computer with you anywhere inside your change purse. It would be amazing, right? my-Ditto can’t quite make that happen for you, but almost. Let’s be honest. There are internet cafes in every major city in the world, and most of them aren’t too expensive. Let’s say, though, that you take movies on your camera, and you want to store them someplace safe so that you can edit them when you get back home. You can’t just upload them to Facebook or email them on Gmail – they’re bigger than 20 MB, so you can’t send them.

Enter my-Ditto. The my-Ditto system sits at your house or your parents’ house or your best friend’s house, attached to their internet, waiting, like a loyal dog, for you to send your files. You get to the internet café, plug your my-Ditto USB key into the computer, log in, and you have access to all of your files – and of course, you can add files to your my-Ditto.

What if my key gets lost?

Nobody can access the files without your password, so your files are all safe. You’ll need to get another key to be able to access your files again. It doesn’t need to be the original my-Ditto key.  Just take any USB disk-on-key – it doesn’t even have to be a big one. The my-Ditto file takes less than 1mb of space on your disk. Plug the disk-on-key into the my-Ditto device, press the copy button, and it’ll be authenticated.

What if I want to access files on my phone?

There are apps for both iOS and Android. The administrator has to authorize your account using your email address.

What if I want to share my photos and videos with my sister?

Not a problem. Just give her a my-Ditto key before you leave, share the relevant folders with her or make them public, (See how on this video) and she can see everything when you upload it. Not only that, she can back up her hard disk to the my-Ditto in and choose whether to share it with you or not. Each my-Ditto device supports up to 30 unique users. Here’s a video that will show you how easy it is to add a user.

Even if she doesn’t want to share pictures or videos from last night’s party on Facebook, you can still see them, as long as she shares them with you or makes them public. Remember that public files are only accessible to your device’s registered users, so even those are completely secure.

What if I need certain files available even where I don’t have internet?

Not a problem. Your my-Ditto key is a USB disk-on-key, and the my-Ditto application is just a few hundred kilobytes, so you have plenty of space for your personal files. Since you can create your own key easily by plugging it into the my-Ditto, you can use any size or shape you want. You can even buy a waterproof disk-on-key in case you get rained on or fall in the mud.

Using my-Ditto to Keep Our Family Photos Together

by Leah

Kids grow up so fast. As a parent, I don’t want to miss a second of it. I don’t always remember to take the camera with me, but who needs a camera these days? My husband and I have smartphones – Android and iPhone – with good cameras, so a lot of our photos come from those.

My son’s daycare posts pictures of him to Facebook. Grandparents, friends’ parents, and aunts and uncles are always posting pictures from events. Sometimes, they post on Facebook, sometimes on Google+. Basically, photos come from everywhere, all the time. I don’t want to lose them and I don’t want duplicates all over the place. We need a central ‘safe’ so to speak, and my-Ditto is it!

I got the idea watching this video:

Since we’ve had the my-Ditto, keeping family pictures in one place has become so much easier. It doesn’t matter whether my husband or I transfer the camera photos to our own computer, because in the end, they all wind up together on the my-Ditto. I’ve even started scanning some earlier photos that we have around the house, now that I have one safe place to put them. It’s great knowing that the pictures aren’t subject to the whim of my laptop’s hard disk, too. Those are important photographs. They’re my kids’ childhood!

Now, sharing with my-Ditto can help you win too! Share the Facebook photo below on our new my-Ditto Facebook page and you’ll be entered to win a 1TB my-Ditto network storage device and a gift to share with your friends.

Share and win with my-Ditto

by Leah

If you’ve got a my-Ditto, you know it’s a perfect fit for sharing photos, videos & documents securely with friends, family and others.

Now, sharing with my-Ditto can help you win too! Starting this week, share the Facebook photo below on our new my-Ditto Facebook page and you’ll be entered to win a 1TB my-Ditto network storage device and a gift to share with your friends.

This giveaway will end on Friday, April 20, 2012. We’ll announce a winner shortly thereafter.

When you visit, we hope you’ll click the Like button on our new page to stay in touch with my-Ditto and leave us a message on the wall. Who knows? We might even have a few other giveaways in store for users who tell us how they’d put their new my-Ditto to use.

Thanks and see you there!

my-Ditto and My Music in the Park

by Leah

I’m Leah, and I’m new to the my-Ditto family. I’m a work-at-home mom with two kids, a dog, and a tank full of fish. I write to be read, which makes blogging my favorite platform. I’m a she-geek, married to an engineer. I always claim not to have great technical know-how, but I seem to do an impressive amount of technical support for my family and friends, despite the fact that my husband’s the engineer. My husband and I love to juggle and go to juggling conventions. The kids aren’t big enough to juggle, but they’re learning to perform. We had a sunny day last week, so I figured I’d get together with some friends and take the kids to the park. The kids were having a great time running around, and then my daughter and her friend kind of got bored. Fortunately, I’ve already installed the free my-Ditto app on my iPhone, and I’ve moved all of the girls’ favorite music to the my-Ditto, so it was really easy to stream some music for them.

streaming music, network server, nas, my ditto, ipod, iphone, android

If you’re wondering how we stream from my-Ditto, check out this video.

We’ve been playing with a number of different genres lately. My daughter was really excited to be able to play a whole range of music. Lately, she’s into Adele and Plain White T’s. Of course, she also enjoys the soundtrack from Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The girls made up some great dances for Rolling in the Deep. There was rolling in the grass involved.

After a while, my son wanted to dance, so I put on some Wiggles music for him. The girls got into it, too. Even I agreed to point my fingers and do the twist.

Like any family outing, the kids started fighting over the music. I put on Chariots of Fire and the kids ran in slow motion. (I insist upon my children reliving my childhood.) It was loads of fun. I don’t think we’ve had such a good time at the park in a really long time. When we got home, Megan asked me if she could sleep with my phone in her room to stream music. She fell asleep listening to Mary Poppins singing Stay Awake. It was a great day.

Local Cloud (Personal Cloud) Vs. Remote Cloud Storage

by Aaron Campbell

What is the Cloud (Remote Cloud)?

The short answer is that the Cloud is a computer on the internet holding your data. The more technical description would be a server or multiple servers sitting in a data center with access to your data stored on a series of SAN (Storage Area Network) devices. Neither of which are locally accessible by you.

What is a Local Cloud (Personal Cloud)?

The key difference between Local Cloud and Remote Cloud is your data’s location. In a Local Cloud environment, your data is stored in the safety of your own home or office. The only users with access to your data are the ones you allow. Instead of running a large enterprise data center you simply install a plug and play device like the my-Ditto to host your data. This requires no PCs, no Servers and no large storage arrays to work in your home or office. Simply plug in the power and an Ethernet cable into your router or gateway and you are set!

Who has access to the Remote Cloud data?

The data is accessible by data center employees as well as engineers with access to the system for development of their services. While most companies do encrypt the data they are storing, this does not mean that they are using the highest strength encryption nor does it guarantee that every company is encrypting their data. You can see here that Dropbox Lied to Users About Data Security to give themselves an uneven advantage against competition. When storing data remotely, you are giving up your physical access to turn off or on access to that data.

In a Remote Cloud where exactly is the data?

Unless the company you are signing up with specifically says on their website…who knows? Your information will basically be stored wherever is the cheapest in order to give the company the highest margins. Of course the company will not choose a location that will cause service interruption or reduce the users experience however the user more or less will have no knowledge of what state, city or even country their data is being housed in. When creating your own Personal Cloud, that data is and will always be stored on the the storage device in the safety of your home.

Who does the cloud benefit?

There are definitely benefits for both home and business users when referring to cloud computing. Originally cloud was designed for the enterprise companies that were beginning to require web applications that were remotely accessible as well as offsite data storage. Unfortunately there is simply not enough money in only targeting the enterprise companies so cloud companies were forced to target the home users and small businesses. Some of the benefits of cloud computing are services such as music streaming, photo sharing, ebooks and document storage. All of these can be achieved by installing a Personal Cloud such as the my-Ditto in the home or office.


Lets take a look at some of the options… (more…)

my-Ditto’s update

by Aaron Campbell

Follow the steps below to update your my-Ditto. 

1. Insert the administrator grey key on the computer.
2. Run the software.
3. Enter your username/password.
4. Accept the update.

An Internet connection is required to update the my-Ditto. The latest my-Ditto version is the one.

Version includes the following:
-The backup function has been greatly improved and a tab can now know their status.

Protect your data
1. Save with one click
2. Automatic safety contine
3. Relax, my-Ditto takes care of everything

-The music tab has been improved and allows playback. You can now create playlists.

Remote access to your music
Centralize your albums
Listen to your favorite songs streaming at home and away
ITunes ® server capability

-The disk management is simplified. And adding a new disk will display a guide to format.

Download the client software here.

Dane-Elec makes every effort to continually improve the functionality of its products and services to provide the best user experience.

We recommend that you always have the latest version of the software.

Win an iPad 2 and a my-Ditto!

by Press and In The News

Prize Details

Enter today – our first drawing will be held on June 1!

Win an iPad 2 and a my-Ditto!

Apple’s New iPad 2 is this summer’s most coveted device, and when paired with the award-winning my-Ditto, it’s true perfection. The my-Ditto extends iPad 2’s capacity to up to 4TB.

As the perfect accessory to any tablet or smartphone, my-Ditto works seamlessly with the Apple iPad 2, for remote access to every file you need, from anywhere in the world.

Designed with you in mind, my-Ditto also comes with a built-in iTunes and media server to stream your media once you capture it. Enter today to win an iPad 2 and the my-Ditto; the hottest way to access your digital content from anywhere in the world.

Entry for this prize ends on July 31, 2011.

Prize Eligibility

Only persons who are at least 18 years of age can enter.

Sweepstakes Starts
May 01, 2011 @ 10:33 am (PDT)

Sweepstakes Ends
July 31, 2011 @ 10:33 am (PDT)

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